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Fully Configurable
Minimal Setup

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npx unlighthouse --site ‹your-site›

Requires Node.js >= 14.x.


Organic growth slowed down?
Low conversions?

Maybe some of your pages have performance, accessibility or SEO issues

Keeping on top of these issues site-wide is hard.
  • Can be pricey to run monitoring with a third-party.
  • Scanning just your home page is misleading.
  • Scanning an entire site manually can be slow and inaccurate.
  • Slow feedback loop in fixing issues.
  • Too much noise when you have hundreds of pages.

Scan your site quickly.


Take advantage of your CPU with threaded workers and use opportunistic throttling and categories for lightning quick scans.


Automated URL Discovery

Fast, configurable URL discovery using sitemap.xml parsing, internal link crawling and project file scanning.


Dynamic Route Sampling

Fewer URLs to scan with automatic sampling of dynamic routes. Hook up your local project files to make it even smarter.

Visualise your sites health


Modern UI

View your sites' health as a whole with the Unlighthouse client built with Vite. Easily see, search and sort your pages, re-scan individual pages and more.


SEO Goodies

View all of your pages titles, share images, meta descriptions, see how many internal and external links you have.


Accessibility Summary

See how your sites accessibility stacks up, find high-leverage issues to fix easily and visually see colour contrast issues.

Built for Developers


CI Budget Testing

Set a budget for all each category, scan all pages, know if any of the pages breaks the budget. Easy.



Unlighthouse was built to modify, with isolated packages, robust API and a generous hook system. You can even modify the columns in the client!


Static Client Builds

Use the CI to upload your sites reports and access them all at any time.

Close the feedback loop with integrations

Finding issues with your site is one thing, fixing them is another. Unlighthouse comes packed with local development plugins for most popular frameworks.

See which file belongs to a URL, fix your issue, Unlighthouse will automatically re-audit the page!

Meet the Team

Harlan Wilton
Self-employed Dev
Actively contributing to Open Source


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