Unlighthouse is an entire site audit tool, built with a modern UI for scanning live and development sites using Google Lighthouse.

Getting Started with the CLI

To start using Unlighthouse with production sites, you'll be using the CLI.

Using the CLI is the quickest way to get familiar with Unlighthouse and is recommended for new users.


  • Accurate Performance Metrics
  • Minimal configuration


  • Less stable for edge-case sites
  • No feedback when fixing bugs

Example Run

Using pnpm dlx (recommended) - requires pnpm.

pnpm dlx unlighthouse --site <your-site>

Using npx

npx unlighthouse --site <your-site>

It's now recommended that you continue on to the CLI so you can get set up properly.


ProviderUse Case
CLIScan a production site such as

You can manually provide a project mapping for routes definitions.
CIRun scans on sites based on automation events, i.e releasing and make assertions on scores.

Can also be used to generate report sites such as

Getting Started – Integrations

Scan your development sites, unlock extra features and less configuration with the provided integrations.


  • Close the feedback loop with changed pages being re-audited automatically
  • Get direct links to files for routes
  • Less configuration to manage


  • Throttling is redundant
  • Performance metrics won't be accurate


  • Hot Module Reloading
  • Automatic Route Discovery
  • Hot Module Reloading
  • Automatic Route Discovery
  • Hot Module Reloading

Getting Help

If you have questions or need help, reach out to the community on the Discord.